I went to visit the Social Media site that I like far more than Facebook, I hope most of you thought of Google + as soon as I said that.  But a good friend from the 48 days forums commented about why blogging is good, even if no one reads your blog.  All the reasons were spot on for what a blog does for me.

It helps you put your ideas in writing, and as you write you can find out how to modify your thoughts to do something in the real world.  It is a great way to vent, it is a great way to join a real conversation about something that is important and meaningful to you!  And I get just as much value from others blogs, they help me make better formulated ideas for my own blog and my life.

I am really grateful for those who are following me, I have gotten notifications that I now have more than 20 followers!  It may be cheesy but this gives me hope, a lot of hope and drive to keep on writing on this blog.

2012 will be my best year ever because this is the year I will get out of debt, I may be encompassed with despair at the moment over my financial situation, I may feel trapped and lost my appetite for life yet again… but at least I am doing something right here right now.  I hope everyone else is doing the same, I firmly and deeply believe in the principle of plenty, others success in no way, shape or form detract from my own, if anything others success can magnify my own and especially if I am instrumental in those others successes!  I wish everyone could be debt free so I could walk down the street and if some guys (or gals of course) are talking in front of their garage and have a neat idea, that we can all come together and work on that idea.  Create better cars, make the internet better, be involved in politics to the point where we actually change something in the nation we live in for the better.

Besides Facebook is turning into the glorified, centralized chain mail and “I’m bored” forum…and don’t even get me started on those stupid games that I keep getting invites to!  When I see I have 5 messages waiting for me on Facebook I am never excited, it is almost always meaningless dribble that I don’t care about…but when I see I have 5 messages in my WordPress dashboard, I am rejuvenated with more hope and excitement that some good will come of all that I am doing in front of my laptop.

I thank you all again and plea that you continue blogging and thinking and writing! I’m loving this!