Since I read the post from my friend about blogs and all the good things that they do for the writers and readers, I decided that I will dissect the problem that does so easily berate me.  I owe $26k in student loans for my wife and I and one credit card.  I feel weighed down and beaten by this fairly small amount of debt, I cannot speak my mind (except for on this blog and to my wife), I cannot move, I cannot sleep well, I can’t even let myself jog to get the stress to go away.  So I must ponder and write and muddle through a way to eliminate this debt.  Here are some brainstorming ideas that I have had.

Selling everything I can:

I have put my Bronco up for sale,

had one bite but no one serious and it has been over a month.  I was hoping to get $4k for it but now it is up for $3500.  My wife is fine with selling the car we have too when we are closer to moving back to Utah and I would say we could also try and get $4000 for that vehicle.

I have two great working laptops but one is from 2007 I might get $300 for that one and the newer one was $600 originally and I might get $300 for that one as well.  My wife had been selling books and all others kinds of little stuff that we own but it is bringing in very little.

All of this might knock out the credit card but then we would have no vehicles and I would not have a computer to work on…or at least I would have to work on my wife’s Mac mini and my netbook where the battery prongs are busted so it has to be plugged in to work…and there is no way I could do Android development on it….

Thus the selling everything would not really get us all that far ahead.  If I tried this route we would have no cars and no computers to do any of the work that I am currently doing to try and beat this thing.

Extra Jobs:

This seems like it would actually be the better bet.  Although I am discouraged since I have applied to wash dishes, at a 7-11, and at a Tim Hortons coffe shop, and none of them have expressed any interest.

I have networked like crazy and could get a job as a community director, which pays slightly more than my current day job…but it is endless meetings and then trying to motivate people to care at all in the community…and in this rural oil rig working town, does not seem very plausible.

Working on the Computer:

This has been the thing I have sunk the most time into and the most hope for success.  Android app sales bring in about $20 and the ads are starting to bring in close to $20 month…so not much there, wish this app stuff was available when I was kid and had to use my dad’s compilers to try and make anything…This is not a lucrative venture right now and I am not sure how to change that.

This is my resume app of sorts on the Android Market

I have also written one Kindle book, just seeing how hard it would be, and it is not hard at all, but the selling of the book has proven to be rather difficult.

And lastly I have been doing computer consulting and tutoring which brings in $25/hr, while this is a really sweet gig I cannot get up to 4 appointments a day, which is what I would need just to supplement the day job.

Excel at the Sales Job:

I am currently in a sales position at the computer store for which I work, have been trying since the beginning of April and nothing good has come of it, it took me a week to convince one guy to buy a tablet, while that one guy is really happy, the boss is not.  I got three books from the public library on how to sell but they have only helped me a little bit, I still need to read through all of them, but still I need some money for April and for May!

My Failures…

So these have all been my failures of how to whittle down this debt and get ready to move back to Utah.  I would love to monetize on this blog, but I am not well versed in that either.  So after writing this entire blog post I am not any farther ahead, but at least all my cards are on the table, and it might be that I just need to fold and try something else all together.

Thanks for listening blog-0-sphere!