The other day I heard a kid just bawling to his parents cause he wanted to go to a friends house, he gave the most pathetic arguments and it sounded like his world was coming to an end.  It made me think of all the times that I whined as a kid and how pathetic I must have sounded.  Then I thought of my prayers lately, I am bawling to God to help me in my financial situation, to help me get over this hump in my life, that I want to move from this rural town cause I hate it here so much.

The answer I feel that I am getting is to work, yes I can move away from here, but not in an immature whiny hissy fit.  Don’t keep deluding myself that the grass is greener somewhere else, because it simply is not, I left Utah because I could not get enough work and I came here to Drumheller Alberta Canada to cash in on all the work here and now find myself in the same situation, so the problem is not the place but it is entirely me!  I have to learn to succeed here, then I can move and succeed there.

I suppose I need lessons in success, the Dave Ramsey and the Dan Miller stuff has been motivational so far, but I have not been doing whatever else it takes to get more work.  I am blessed now with a full time sales job that is currently feeling like a big curse…I don’t what I am doing, I don’t know how I will do anything for it tomorrow, time moves too fast because I have no plan and feel like I am groping in the dark just hoping that something good will come about.  My pathetic plea and whining to God is that I don’t see what that something is, and I don’t see or understand anything great coming in close future.

Just some thoughts when I heard this kid bawling his eyes out and I just wanted him to shut up and get over it…any thoughts on this?