I went on a Anime kick some time ago, and I thought that there would be an endless sea of great anime to watch…sadly I only found a few, but the few good ones were great!

#1 Anime Show

Cowboy Bebop: About an interstellar bounty hunter with a past, awesome moves and great supporting characters.  The show has an odd deepness to it that leaves your extremely melancholy after you are done with the series.

#2 Anime Show

Samurai Champloo:  Three travelling companions travel across Japan to find a man that smells of Sunflower seeds…yeah if I read that before I saw the show I would not bother, the fighting scenes in this show are superb, and the comedy and serious conflicts mingled all together make the show a timeless classic!

#3 Anime Show

Gunslinger Girl:  This one is a lot of melancholy feelings.  A government agency turns orphans into assassins, they had terrible lives before they became assassins but the life they now have is that of killing and seeking approval of there “older brothers” who are their partners and caretakers.

#4 Anime Show

Deathnote:  This one was a lot better than I expected it to be, a really smart guy finds a notebook that can kill if a name is written in…that is enough of the premise, no?

So after these shows I have been hard press to find something that had really good story line and does not go all, end-of-the-world, weird on me with nothing making sense halfway through it.  I say a few anime post in WordPress and couldn’t keep us since I have only seen so few, but here is my two cents on some great anime!