It so easily slips our lips that we hate our jobs.  We hate our bosses, we hate this that and the other…I let the hate word slip all time and I was thinking that it is simply unfair.  I don’t really hate my job, sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t .  But the hate feeling is that I am not in control or in power.  I hate being in debt.

I try to think that if my boss was not my boss would we be friends, I think we would and I think that of most of the bosses that I have had.  The jobs were not that bad either, I just could not speak my mind cause I had no power, or at least I did not feel that I could.  To be less mediocre I need to not just say I hate everything that doesn’t make me happy in the moment.

Now if nothing good happens and it is a rut, yes I hate that situation, the job may be part of that and if so then I need to leave the job or modify the situation somehow.

Just one last thought before going to bed!