When I was a kid we had an acre in Utah that my dad wanted to use as a garden, for many years the land behind the creek was untouched, it just had a bunch of weeds and rocks and what not.  When he decided it was time to use that space as a garden none of us kids were excited, it just meant a lot of work.

We pulled all the weeds and brush and other vegetation, then it was time to pick rocks.  We had a wheel barrel and we would fill it as much as could to where we could still handle the wheel barrel.  How I hated doing that, it seemed like it was something that was pointless and would never end.  But we did finally get enough rocks out to start a garden and it was awesome!

Fast forward to just last year (2011) and none of my jobs panned out.  So I went to work with my brother and dad at a oil services company and guess what my main job was!  Picking rocks where the oil companies had dug up farmers land to lay oil pipe.  That too seemed endless, but I would get a stretch done and then be directed to another stretch to pick up even more rocks.  Lucky for me we had vehicles that we could put rocks in instead if wheel barrels.

It may seem funny, but I really miss that.  I loved that I knew exactly what to do, and I was being paid well to do it.  It seemed very tedious but you could see a result at the end of the day, and money came in so it all ends up for the better.  That was nothing like it is now, doing sales, blogging, making apps.  It is like picking the rocks and then really hoping that someone might think it is worth a couple bucks.

If at the end of the day I have an anxiety to do a whole lot more, I know that I did not make the $100 bucks or so that I need to make in a day to be okay for taking care of my family.  I know that the path I am on is for the better and I will be happier that I choose it and worked hard at it, but man I wish that it was just like moving rocks again!