I just got my deal figured out with a nice lady that runs the Drumheller Public Library.  This is another cog in my sinister plot to not be mediocre any more!

If I volunteer at the library to teach computers and e-readers, then I will meet a lot of people, a lot of people know this town a lot better than I do, since they know this town better than I they will have information and people that they can refer me to, to get extra work.  The extra work will result in extra income and that income will result in less debt and more freedom!  Also it will give me an opportunity to act as a salesman without being pushy or obnoxious in any way, simply offer the technology solution that my day job company offers and they will surely take it or just deal with the problem for however long.

I have never been so excited to volunteer in all my life!  I have no dreams but that of the debt freedom kind.  This will prove a great instrument in this dream.

Next in line for dream fulling cogs is an extra job as a dishwasher or pizza delivery boy.  Either would be great and I hope to get them soon or at all!

Please let me know of any more cogs that can help, I would love to be debt free this year!