I have been frustrated lately it is true, have been desperate as well, full of anxiety? Yep that has been me lately.  Lucky for me since I never listen to my body and mind telling me something is off track and it needs to be fix, my body finally rejects the stress and I have a moment of clarity and almost always it is little things that need to be taken care of before we can move on to the more important things in life.

The little thing that I am referring to is the emergency fund, Dave Ramsey advises to have $1000 in the bank, as a cushion against life.  That has been depleted a few months before our second daughter was born, and has been depleted since.  If I were a detective I would have discovered the correlation to my uncontrollable bouts of stress and anxiety a long time ago, and the trail would stop dead cold the moment that the emergency fund was used up.

To think of all that time wasted, the tenseness in my shoulders, the headaches and the nights of staring at a computer screen like a drooling monkey.  No longer!  I got someone interested in an old laptop…BAM $300 in the emergency fund, little half working netbook…BAM! $50 in the emergency fund.  Would that the truck would sell, but what can ya do?

If I can do this baby step, then I can go on to the next one without feeling so guilty, and worn out.  It is funny how we know that we cannot escape certain tasks or stages of something, but once in a while get deluded that we can and spend so much time trying to do that!

This is exciting cause some progress can be made after that emergency fund is back up and running.