[Note: I am blank on what to blog about, and have so much going on that I will be staying blank for awhile now I’m sure, so here is the first of entries from my old journals!]

Wednesday, August 29th 2001

In school today I was in the assembly helping people learn the AF high song.  That’s kinda funny being as I refused to sing it at all in earlier assemblies.  Biology was really really really interesting today.  I learned about neuron transmitters and stuff like that.  After school me Guy1, Girl1, and Girl2 were at my house and me and Guy1 took out the benches in the van and went to Sanaquin and took one load over to a storage unit, (Guy2 is moving to PG and going to AF High!).  Girl1 didn’t eat at Guy2’s, she was mad cause the night before I left her house so as not to get in trouble and stayed till 8:00ish at Guy2’s house.  Well after being mad a little bit, Girl1 told me to call her, (she was on ICQ) so I did and she was sorry, and I come up to give her a hug, and she was trying to not let me go and was even hugging me till I got to the little black car.  Now I’m burning CD’s but the dumb thing they got install codes.  I HATE INSTALL CODES