So I was fishing through some blogs to find some interesting conversation to join, and I ran across a blog post of a lady that was responding to a very rude communication with a guy that told her not to promote her business on his blog or something like that.  When you go through her post you see that there was a link and it was very tactful and non-intrusive.  It just got me to thinking, blogging is promoting!  By the very act of blogging you are taking what was in your head and giving it for the whole world to see, and you want feedback, you are selling and promoting YOU.  And why not, you are an amazing product, no?

With my blogging I am shamelessly (yet tactfully I hope) promoting me, as a person, as a would be company here soon I hope, as an Android developer, as a web developer, as a writer, and as an intelligent person who wants to have intelligent conversation with people.  If you do not want to promote or be instrumental in anyone else promoting in any way shape or form, then just get off the blogs.

I hate that I have spent so long while growing up thinking that sales was a sleazy profession of con artists, while that could be true of a salesperson, a good sales person is a service oriented one who properly qualifies their customer and does what is beneficial, and the commission is a bonus side effect.

I just wanna give a head up to my readers and anyone who may stumble across my blog or other writings.  I will be promoting my book(s) on the this blog, I will be promoting a new android app that I make, or anything else I produce.  What I will try and not do is continuously solicit business such as development or writing gigs.  I think once I make something good I will let people know and that will be plenty good enough for me.

Lets be friends people, what do ya say?