I am accepting the fact that playing this computer game is really sucking up a lot of my time.  I have a book I want to write, I got Apps I need to improve and then of course I have two daughters and a wife to take care of in between all that and a day job.

It is crazy how I will play Starcraft II all night and then when I try to go to bed or say my prayers I see marines shooting at each other, and siege tanks going into siege mode.  Then after an half hour or more those images finally fade and then I am thinking about what to add to a book I am writing.  How much better would it have been if I had spent all night writing my book?

So for today, I have not played any Starcraft, so it is a good day to start my week long SCII fast, so next Friday will the last day of the fast and I can play again the following Saturday.  If I want to play a game I will either blog or write my book instead…or even just read off of my Kindle which I have not done in a little while.  And if all that fails I am sure my wife can find a chore or two for me to do.

Wish me luck!