I really hate this saying, people always say it to me when I am ramping up to do better and change for the better and move up and on in life, and they say it to me so that I calm down and become placid and not work harder at becoming something better.

I want to actually say that I am grateful for where I am at now, it was better than a few months ago.  And to put it in perspective our new neighbours are in the situation that we were in not too long ago, no vehicle, no job, all stress and pregnant.  It is scary, and I don’t know how to tell them without being insensitive (hey I am not a jerk I have been helping them with their car all this last week!) that the world does not care, just keep trying, that is all you can do and things will get better, and about 10-100 times slower than you hope, but they will get better.

Someone may always have it worse than you, but make it because you are always better than the you the month before!