So I have dug myself out of my self-loathing pit and put quite a few whines out there.  I have gotten great feedback from the 48days forum with ideas to dig myself out of my situation.

The best ideas still require that I market myself.  Which I find hard to do, but if I have an audience then marketing myself is not hard at all.  Some of a great ideas have been side jobs such as painting, mowing yards and that kind of thing, the other is selling Xango…which again I have no idea if I can do that, but I am from Utah and could be really close to them if I needed to be.

There is also a job washing tractors that pays around $15/hr.  I dunno what would be best, but the matter of fact is that I need to scramble and get on these things and try them, there is no downside to attempting all the things that have potential to make my life better, what does everyone think?