So I have been dishwashing at night and today was the forth day.  Am I making progress in life…slowly, but yes!  But I come home around 10 and I want to do more!  So much more, but I am somewhat zombified in the brain.  I want to move back to Utah and that will take a decent amount of money.  What else should I do!?

The nicest thing is that I am calmed down and not as anxious as I was the last week.  I had a great blog post idea but then I lost it, this comic demonstrates what happens…

Another great thing is that I am chatting with the people that I work with at the restaurant about getting the truck sold and how my wife is an excellent singer that can teach lessons and they actually have suggestions and comments on how to take advantage of these things.

I keep thinking of a great YouTube series that I could make or to just start video blogging but when I get home I have no energy to do that.  Besides I would stall every few minutes, when writing a blog nobody knows how long I pause in between typing.