Sadly this post will not divulge the information given by the title, but this is the next great book idea that I have.  I have not yet finished “Guerilla Computing” so maybe I should not jump ship towards this book, but hey it is such a good idea!

When I was feeling down in the dumps I was thinking about what I could write about, what do I know almost better than everyone, and this Failure book idea popped into my head.  At first I was gonna write a cynical and downer of a book, but as a I was thinking it more through, I could actually write a really good book here!  Here are some of the ideas for this book, let me know if you would actually read it.

1.  No one cares about your situation as much as you do, and you have the power to change it!

2.  If money is all you can think about, go out and get some!
–  Extra jobs
–  Talk to everyone about your goals to make life better for yourself.
–  Perhaps start a blog
–  The point is to do something other than worry

3.  Cognitive Distortions (you think it is much worse than it really is)
–  What is a cognitive distortion
–  What the reality of a situation might be
–  Accept that the worse case scenario is possible and that you will deal with it
–  The real worse case scenario is you sitting at home stressing instead of doing ANYTHING else

4.  Exercise!
–  Exercise revitilizes the mind and body.
–  Helps you calm down and not have so many of the cognitive distortions mentioned before
–  You will look and feel sexier!

5.  Volunteer
–  Being in front of people un-paid is better than sitting at home un-paid.
–  If you never receive and help, trying giving it first.

6.  Trust your own Intelligence
–  You have ideas that you think might help you be less of a failure, try them!  You have nothing to lose.

7.  Pride
–  Being to prideful might hinder you
–  Take entry level jobs until you find something better
–  People are generally kinder and more helpful than you think!

Well these are a few of the ideas I had in a quick little brainstorm, please tell me what you think, what other suggestions would you have for Complete failures, maybe you are one as well and you know that it is a stepping stone to success.  Was there something that you did after a complete failure that got you back out there and trying your hardest?

Would anyone want to co-author with me?