This has been an awful awful awful week.  I started out last weekend getting a little tickle in my throat, and I always know that if my brain registers a constant slight tickle, that it will progress to to full blown sore throat from Hell.  I tried taking Airbourne and and Vitamin C, as well as eat and orange and it’s peel…but anyhow I got a nasty sore throat.

Had trouble sleeping at all two days this week, my two year is having weird poo’s because of iron supplements that we have to give her, and the Sales job is just stressing me out.  People want a song and dance and a product in hand before they will even humour the idea of thinking about buying something from your company.

But back to the title of this post.  My biggest fantasy is that I can solve a major life problem over the weekend.  I delude myself to thinking that if I write an incredible blog post, then I will get more hits and then someone will want to pay me for being awesome…that is where is breaks down, I know that I am not in the mode of ever paying someone else just for being awesome.

So then I think I will work on my books and then people will buy them and I can pay the bills!  But after taking a Tylenol with Codine in it I was just staring at the wall and almost drooling.  So I am trying to not take the painkiller for my throat and get something done, but now I am just grumpy cause my throat aches intensely.  Over a week long sore throat?! Really!? Why? There is just no reason for that, it is un-called for as my dad would always say.

There is a neat job in San Antonio, Texas that is right up my alley, pays well and all that fun stuff.  But after seeking some counsel from my dad he said that I would need at least $5,000 to make the move, and probably another $5,000 to get settled in.  So there is nothing I can do there to make that happen over the weekend. I know this is true cause I have moved on a whim twice now and it is always a bad idea unless you have a slush fund to do it.

Went to a community education forum meeting last night.  While it was nice to get validated on what I was telling people is what everyone else is experiencing too, I was disappointed that no talk was made about what to do and how to do it.  It is like we all walked out to a canyon that we all desperately want to cross, and we say, “oh yes, that is a deep canyon…oh yes that is a difficult thing to get across…are we all in agreement? Great, see you all later.”  How about HOW are we going to cross it?  A bridge? Great idea, who knows how to build a bridge? How much will it cost?  Are we willing to pay for it? And so on, so frustrated, yes, that is almost my mantra is to be frustrated.  I will just say it out loud cause a good friend of mine will read this post sooner or later and she will comment that I sound frustrated…yet again!

So I have this weekend, where no one can bug me with due cause, I can have some time to myself, my wife is really good at letting me be or letting me go for a drive in the name of doing something to better the family situation or even just for myself.

I broke down and played Starcraft II on the 9th, I was suppose to go till the 11th, but I just couldn’t think of what else to do, not playing has gotten me to write some good stuff and be fairly productive, but that productivity still did not produce much of anything.  All three games that I played were Terran vs. Terran and I won all three… if that makes any difference.

Stick a fork in me, I am done!  My biggest comfort so far is listening to the Beatles singing “Let it Be”.