I was talking to a good friend that has a great job in Texas.  I went on my two year mission to Texas, so I know a little bit about the place.  My friend has a computer job that he really likes, and him and I have had some of the same people in Utah that were the pits to work for, so I know when he says he likes it that it is a sweet deal.

So I sit down with my wife and tell her all about it, then I start getting counsel from others.  I was talking to my dad and he brought a punch of reality to the table.  To just get my family and I there would cost around $5,000.  That is just the moving!  Then there is the getting car insurance, damage deposit, and all the other things that come with moving, so another $5,000 would be needed just to get settled in.  The job is higher paying than what I have here in Alberta, Canada, but that would still be close to a third of my annual wages.

So I won’t be braving the move…but I have started brushing up on learning Linux System Admin.  It involves so many things that I have learned and know how to do, it sounds like a great place to work, the area even sounds nice!  But if we did somehow get $10,000 saved up we would pay off the last credit card.

So I have to get myself to be real, and also make sure I tell myself that I have the worse “the grass is always greener” goggles that any human being could possibly have.  So I am here, I have to do what I can here, and I can’t leave here unless I really excel in some money producing activity.  So my biggest hope right now (I think) is doing the computer coaching.  Maybe I will go door to door with a flyer, get an ad in the movie theatre ($80/mo), and put an ad in the education catalogue for the adult learning centre that I teach at currently ($100 one time and it goes to 8,000+ homes in the area)…the once in a blue moon I get a teaching opportunity.  I could make an audio cd to leave with people that talks about computers…there are so many awesome things I could do here! ……. Except that I am flat broke, broker than dollar store toy on Christmas.  But for around $500 to make a good push for the next few months would be completely worth it! (I also need to buy a legit copy of Microsoft Office 2010).

Life is so full of possibilities, yeah they may cost something, but think of all the things that could be accomplished!  This post was more for me to really hammer out what I want to do at this pivotal stage and now I think I have a bit of a road map and a goal!  I suppose the first goal would be to drum up that extra money.  Yep that is the goal, I need $500 extra, that is not for anything else but my marketing.  IF YOU KNOW a way to get that money you better tell me….I would really appreciate it!