Febuary 12, 2000

Today’s the first day I’ve got this Journal, today was a slow “I’m tired” type day, mostly because I stayed up all last night, at a dance with my friends.  I went shopping with my mom, she went in and out of material store’s very quickly, she wanted me to be proud of her.  I played the computer a bit, found out my friends CD is missing, “Magicaly”  But later on I went to a dance with my cozin GUY1, I didn’t do much, probably because it was a major western theme, and GIRL1 wasn’t there, and I was also very tired to begin with.  So all in all it’s been a pretty good day, and now I go to sleep.

End 12:53 AM sunday 13, 2000

[Now me in right now…at the time of making this post]

I left the spelling errors in and tried to make it as much like my journal entry as possible.  Maybe not as magical as I had hope, but hey this is really my first time writing in something that I would keep for as long as I live!