I have a lot of business items going on right now, and all those items will require some computer work….now I have lately gotten myself out of the gremlin computer mode and into a more human mode and it is just now starting to work out for me.  But since I need this computer work done and I know how to do it, I got started.

Well I needed a gallery for a webpage, Silverlight will fill the need, but it needs to run on a web server, so I install WAMP, but then I need to edit this SilverLight Gallery that I downloaded…so I install Visual Web Developer 2010 and the SilverLight Tools…now the next part is the kicker and what I lived in day in and day out when I did nothing but work on computers… something with Microsoft’s Visual web developer does not like WAMP….and so I cannot get my work down on Windows….

I am floored that I am back to this!  After 2 years of getting away from it…this is the most succinct real version of Wonderland that I can imagined.  When you are dealing with development and computer…you really have no idea how deep the rabbit hole goes…but it you go down it…well you’ve read the book…or at least seen the Disney Movie.