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Square Footing Gardening in the Badlands

In Mel’s book, he recommends that you build 4ft by 4ft raised boxes in your current garden space, or if you have a patio garden you can build a 1ft by 4ft box planter, each of these being 6inches deep.  Well, my landlord said I could build planter boxes as long as they looked like the ones they provide to each unit in the complex and was made out of treated wood.  Their planter box is 2ft by 4ft and 12inches deep made with three 2x4s stacked and a 1/2in treated plywood bottom.  I was planning on using theirs too but I wanted at least two more.

In an attempt to save as much money as possible I called all around to find the best priced lumber as well as researched any downside to using treated wood.  Conclusions, when gas cost is factored in co-op here in Drumheller is actually…

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