I have been extremely sick for almost 3 weeks straight, my throat hurt uncontrollably and my head was just not in a good place.  It was emotionally draining as it was physical.  In the last 2 months I have been hating where I live with a desperation to move back to Utah or to even move to Texas on a long shot job cause I am just not making enough here in Drumheller Alberta.

With suddenly not having the achy throat and a more clear head I am able to see that there are opportunities abounding for me right here and they won’t cost me as much as if I were to take the family and move on a whim thinking that some place will be better.

Now the biggest thing is that now that I am back in the game I cannot be lazy and thing that things will turn around, but I feel much more equipped to take on the challenges to make things better where I am!

There is a big Powerpoint and Publisher training that I am doing on Thursday and I need to make it the best that it can be.  I also have a photo editing class that same night that I need to make impressive.  There are a half dozen marketing ideas that I got from Dan Miller that I need to try out, and not just try out but do really well.  Also I have been having a dozen ideas come to me for YouTube videos to make for software training that I am sure will do great, but I just need to do them and quit stalling or making excuses.

I hope others of you out there are finding success and joy in your lives!  I am so glad that the “long night is over!”