My wife has started a garden.  We live in government subsidized housing, everything around us is standard issue, and I think these houses use to be barracks or for oil field workers or something.  But my wife asked and got permission to make garden boxes and then got a book about square foot gardening.  THEN Mercedes, my two year old daughter helped her…well was present and did whatever my wife was doing.  She caught some of it on camera and I wish I could post it here…but oddly enough I cannot figure out how to link to a Facebook post from a blog!

But the point of the matter is that while I have been in a funk the last few months my wife and daughter are enjoying life, doing things that interest them and are getting satisfaction from it!  I try to listen to podcasts and read books to boost me up when all I need to do is pay attention to my family and be part in the awesome things that they are doing.