I taught four people from a large company all about PowerPoint 2010 and Publisher 2010.  And right at this moment I feel exhausted, like I just ran or got in a fight.  The two days prior, I have been anxious over it and studying everything I can to make sure that it would go all right.

I got 4’s and 5’s out of a 5 on most of my reviews, and I could tell that they learned quite a bit about PowerPoint…(maybe not so much about Publisher).

While I am exhausted, I am also really excited, it was a good money earning day and I grew in terms of being able to present to small crowds and learned more about Microsoft’s Office programs.  I am hoping to do many more of these and that it will ultimately make me debt free this year.  Though I hope not to get as exhausted every time or I will only be able to do one of these a week!