According to this comic I must be a scientist.  I try things out and they don’t work…and I keep trying them, over and over and over again.  My marriage is working out great, but this is what marriages that don’t work out must be doing, namely things that just don’t work.  My thought is that the things that I am doing will work over time or that they will suddenly have a transition point (as Jim Collins would say) and will exponentiationally work in my favor.  The Android apps, the blogging, the consulting, they will do better if I put more effort and time into them.

The worse part is the habits I form and reinforce.  Getting up early and having breakfast works!  It give me good results, I think to myself that I will do this all the time.  Jogging works! It give me energy throughout the day and give my mind clarity and ability.  Guess what I don’t do?  Also I think that I can get something accomplished by staying up late and taking notes on podcast and good books.  While this is not entirely bad, why could I not just do this in the morning with some breakfast and a good jog?

I read a blog last night that said “You will succeed because everyone else is lazy!”  I think the caveat should be added that “providing that you are not lazy!”

Here’s to always trying!