Today I have been trying to work on my website and literally have been spacing out the vast majority of the time.  I will do a little bit, add a link here, change some text there, but over the course of many hours I may have gotten about one hour of work accomplished.

Yeah I have about a half dozen, somewhat legitimate excuses such as my two year old did not sleep well and thus my wife and I did not sleep well, toilet flooded and no stores that were open around 1:30am had a plunger, I have a job washing dishes from 5pm to about 10pm, and I have two other  people hounding me to get stuff they want done before I go to that second job! 

Needless to say I would feel justified in just vegging but I just can’t, not if I want to overcome being mediocre.  So I have been working on the little things to try and get myself more energy, reading scriptures, praying, jogging in the morning and drinking more water.  I still start the day off with a 32 oz. soda, and when I jogged this morning I literally could only keep it up for about five minutes (the rest of the hour I just walked) and when I went to do twenty pushups I just barely made it to sixteen.