There is a big misconception out there about webtemplates of any kind.  That they are tacky, or that everyone has access to it so it will not be unique enough for your business.  I almost think that people don’t even have reasons anymore, they just hear the word template and they are done.

Here is a site that I am doing for a school:

This is a template and it looks great, when people go to the site they will be pleasantly surprised as compared to the old site they had…

Nothing could be more erroneous than the concepts we have about templates.  The benefits of web site templates are very numerous:

1.  They are Web and SEO friendly

2.  They look fantastic

3.  It saves you endless hours of design time

4.  It saves you all that money from not having to pay for design time

5.  It increases your ability to have speed of implementation

I feel that I am understating these benefits, but really time and money are becoming so priceless and nothing gets moving without speed of implementation, so take these for what they are worth!

The big thing to consider is that if you want a website, you are using it for marketing purposes.  So instead of having it in the concept phase for weeks, months, or years (basically never doing anything cause you can’t get past concept), you need to get that done quickly and focus on the content, then focus on your social media or other marketing tactics to let people know about your site and then have them purchase or act on what your site is offering.