I went to a meeting that was 4 hours long, catered, and well organized.  We talked about the problems that face continuing education institutions.  After a great meeting of finding, explaining and scrutinizing the problem the meeting was called to a close…although the meeting was already long at that point, I was baffled!  We found and discussed the problem…but no one was interested in the solution at all!

This is so common place that it makes me want to throw up multiple times in a row!  I meet with someone and they say that their business is in a slump, or that they have a great idea, if something would just happen with it.  What are we expecting to happen???  To have a great idea and then a millionaire suddenly smells it from a far off and comes running to us with money waving in his hands?  Initially we all say, “No, of course not, that is absurd.”  But internally I think that is the predominating thought, so that when it does not happen, we can say, “Oh I tried, I gave it my best, and just nothing came of it.”  Pathetic if you ask me, and I have done this process a million times.

It is time to find that conversation that leads to action!

When people talk to me about social media and how they want it for their business, guess what, let’s turn on your computer and implement this right now.

Oh no, we can’t do that, we have to plan and scheme and maybe hire some more people…

Or turn on your computer and make post about your business instead of how bored you are or of cats in funny poses (which I find some here and there pretty funny).

The vast majority of my conversations go like this. I feel like I should just get a tape recorder and record what I have to say and then just walk away, that is about as much good that it does.

So what is the trick?  How can I get a conversation about doing something turned into actually doing something?