I checked out Twitter when it first came out, it was fine and all, but the posts seemed too short and I was only following a few people so the content was pretty static.  After reading “Platform” I have more of a sense of what Twitter is all about…and I am really sad that I did not stick with it.

Yeah I still have the account open from when I started, but it does not have many followers since I did not post regularly or almost at all.  I started a new Twitter handle @theHartsOffice and am building my brand from there.  It is crazy how much I love Twitter now!  For a would be entrepreneur Twitter is perfect!  People write short, to the point posts that have to do with things I care about, and it loads quicker than Facebook, as well as it does not have on the annoying reminders that someone is playing Castleville or any number of other silly time wasting games.

Also I can post more than two or three times a day and people are happy about that.  I get intelligent responses and feedback about questions I have or comments that I make. I hope you will follow me on Twitter and I would love to follow you and start a productive conversation about fighting mediocrity!