When I play Starcraft II, there are two things that usually work me, cranking out marines as fast as I can and rushing (speed of implementation) and then if the game goes longer I build multiple bases to keep my economy strong (multiple streams of income), I figured this out after a lot of experimenting.  I want to apply this to my real life!

Nothing frustrates me more than when I try to work with people and they want to wait, postpone, think about it forever and then eventually forget all about it.  In these cases I would much rather have a straight up “No, I will never ever do this, have a nice day.”

When I was down in Utah I finally voiced that I was so tired of how long everything takes where I am living now…I want to move back to Utah but then all that I have accomplished here will go down the toilet…except the blog, social media and what not…but all the contacts and teaching gigs will for sure be gone and I will have to start all that over again, not to mention that I don’t have the money to move.

So back to the point, the way to do something that works is to experiment!