Google Play

This is a post for a good friend who just got into smartphones, and at my suggestion went with Android.

To use Google Play (Formerly the Android Market) you have to have a gmail account setup on the phone or device.

Then open your app drawer and find the Google Play icon and tap on it.  There will be a magnifying glass icon that you can tap that will let you search for apps.

After you search for something you can select an app and download it.  If it is not free then you will have to enter a credit card of some sort.  But there are million free apps, so play with all those if you want!

Amazon App Store

The cool thing about Android is that other companies can have a market on there as well!

If you are on a phone you can go to this site and give it your phone number and it will send you a text to download their market…

Then search for apps and download and enjoy!

Simply go to this site from your phone and you can download apps!


Errata: This is a quick and dirty post to tell how to use this, please post questions or suggestions and I will update accordingly.