I have written a few post on where I was completely blank, I could not think of anything to write and so I wrote some dribble and posted it saying I was blank.

Today I had the same problem.  I was sitting in front of the computer and not able to do anything productive…I knew this was a problem and I just could not let it continue.  So here are some ideas that I enacted to help get me moving.

*  Do something else that needs to be done:  My boss sent me an email that he needed a sign back.  I thought I would do it latter since I really needed to be at the computer getting something written.  But I was blank, so I just grabbed the sign and took it to him.  Then came back home to the computer.

*  Make a list of stuff you want to do:  I grabbed a notepad and wrote down 10 blog post ideas, then instead of my mind wandering all over the place, I took those ideas and started on a post staying inside the topic that I had written.

*  Just do it:  So even after these things I was still struggling.  So I just did what I could, as I wrote and starting putting a post together I was catching momentum!  And now you have the post that you are reading!

Being blank sucks, move around, read a book, put on some music on your computer.  Being blank is for when you are relaxing and watching TV, not for the whole day when you want to get out there, make money, or improve your life in general.

What are some ways that you escape being blank?