Opportunity cost is a concept where you are missing out on something when you do something else.  So if you sleep in, you are missing out on what you could be doing in the morning, likewise if you get up early in the morning you are missing out on getting more sleep.

This is a concept to keep in mind when we are playing video games, watching TV or any other number of things.  Is there something else more productive that you can be doing or that really needs to be done?

Sometimes we just need to relax so don’t think that you can never watch TV because there is always something better to do.  But just don’t let the trash stink up your house cause you are watching the tube all the time.

Going along with this is how much you spend on things vs what you make an hour.  I make $10/hr washing dishes at night.  I got McDonalds that other morning and it cost around $10…so that took an hour of my income, it makes you think when you are not enjoying that hour at work…how far do you want to stretch that $10?

Just some food for thought, are you weighing the opportunity costs and using your hours of income the way you would like?