My daughter is almost 3 years old and seems so happy all the time…or at least super active, she gets pretty cranky if she does not get her way which happens all the time too.  She has started this habit where she will get in the stroller and just sit and chat to herself.  She does not want to go anywhere and likes it better if we don’t bug her at all.

I don’t why it got me thinking about it, but I am jealous of her ability to just take some time to relax and ponder or imagine.  We should do that from time to time.

She also has no problem just getting in my lap no matter what I am doing.  She wants to social and just seeks it out and obtains it!  How often do we want to be with someone or around people and we feel too shy and awkward that we just sit alone by ourselves?

There are so many other little things that she does that I want to start emulating, crazy how children can teach us!

What are you learning from your child?