The fear of failure how done so much to destroy my life.  There are so many good things I could have done if I was not afraid if I had failed.  And the more I look back the more I realize that I would not have failed if I had just really given it a good try.

A big portion of feeling like a failure, or actually failing, is tied to money. If I can’t provide for my family, I am a failure; if I can’t afford to get a car to get to work, I am a failure; if I can’t afford needs, then I am failing financially. And for whatever reason, that seems to be the failure that cascades down to all the other failures that I experience.

No need to fear, there is a big, bright beacon of hope! If money is all you can think about, you can go out and get some! I know I have read about just making more money in many different books and heard it on multiple podcasts, but until you discover this truth by enacting yourself, it will just be daydream that you use to numb your fiscal fears.

I was working for a gas station and had just got pumped up by some great reading material and podcasts. I was working on my attitude and keeping myself alert to opportunities. The owner of a gas station chain that I previously worked at came in for some propane. I said hi and told him that I use to work for him (not directly under him so he might have known my face but not who I was). I chatted about how I want to be working all the time and trying to get out of debt, and that if he had anything that I could do for him, I would be excited to do so.

He told me to stop by the main office and chat with him. I showed up and he started me painting gas tanks, barrel lifts, and forklifts. It was a fair bit more than minimum wage, and I was able to come in whenever it was convenient to me!