From my book “How to Survive as a Complete Failure”

We have all been hurt in one way or another. For me it was the credit card company jacking up my interest rate when we were desperate, or the border guard who made life harder just because he could. Even worse was all the business deals I had in making websites that just simply would not pay and wanted everything for free.

Also the extended period of failure, fear, and depression have really taken their toll. You may feel that there is no way out…so you stop trying, you almost completely stop moving, and that is the worse thing of all. We can’t stop moving, if we completely give up then we accept and perpetuate being a complete failure.

Seek professional help if you need to, I finally broke down one semester in college and went to see a doctor about anxiety, he asked if my wife and one kid were suffering because of my issues…I remember bawling all the way home at the thought that not only was my life in shambles but that I was destroying my family’s lives as well. The doctor did prescribe me something and it really did help me even out. He also gave me some kind of panic attack pill to take for extreme cases, and they worked really well! I wish I could get that stuff over the counter!

Forgive others who have wronged you. By holding a grudge you are hurting yourself the most. Of course seek to have the wrong righted if at all possible, but don’t stew and fret and put the rest of your life on hold until you exact revenge, again you will be doing the most damage to yourself.

Seek forgiveness from others that you have wronged. You feelings of self doubt and failure may very well stem from things that you have done that have hurt other people. If you are reading this book (and made it this far) I can only assume that you are trying to become a better person. Mend those relationships with people that might think otherwise!


You are not dead, you are not a permanent failure, you have time and ability to change your life and to overcome the obstacles that may seem so numerous. It is much harder to shoot a moving target!

What is holding you back from healing and moving forward?