From my book “How to survive as a Complete Failure”

It is funny that even as complete failures we can still have major issues with pride. That we are too good to ever allow ourselves to do the lowly jobs that are meant for the people who are even more pathetic than we are…

I think that much of this is taught by our surroundings. “You don’t want to end up as a construction worker, or janitor, do you?” Well that being said about a hundred times makes you never ever do those jobs, and if you do you will feel like a huge failure. Odd thing is that I have met many construction workers who have BMW’s, nice houses and are actually rather happy and proud of the work that they do.

I am a computer guy, take that however you would like, and have met many people who made good money before things changed and now refuse to do anything unless it will pay a certain amount…so they stay unemployed for years. Also I have met and known people who made great money in programming and worked with me making websites for $12/hr and thinking how pathetic that was.

My thought here is that idleness is the worst thing for escaping failure. Now don’t misread me here, do not do work that is worth a $100/hr and get paid $12/hr, but do some work, if you are capable of 100 and hour work and there is none to be had, then go do that 12 an hour and keep your line in the water!

The next big point of this chapter is anger. We are an angry people! We love to blame other people for our problems, if someone is more successful or happier than we are, then they are direct enemies and derive their happiness from our misery! At least this is how it seems we are thinking and acting.

When I was younger my friends and I would walk everywhere we went. I remember one time walking and someone with a really nice truck drove by and I said, “What a ***hole, he does not even need a truck like that, and I bet he is in debt, all so he can look cool.”
My friend sort of paused and said, “Or he just worked hard and wanted a truck so he got one.”

What a slap in the face! But a much needed one. Why was I so bitter toward that guy? In reality I would have loved a truck like that, and I would really be using it mostly for looks. He had and I didn’t so a natural inclination was to demonize him (I said other stuff but can’t recall and I really don’t want to broadcast my ignorance).

The same thing happened when I was doing tech support, my co-worker would always say how he wished rich people would get knocked down a peg. I was a little more mature at this time and it always rubbed me the wrong way. Why do they need to be knocked down? What did they do? Is it bad to be successful? The short answer is…yes.

For whatever reason it is terrible to be successful, how dare someone be better or do something better than someone else! How dare they save money and stay out of debt and lead happier less stressful lives! If you cannot tell that I am being sarcastic, know that now and re-read the last few lines.