From my book “How to Survive as a Complete Failure”

Failure is a lonely thing, and always being a loner might be one of the causes of your failure. If all your successes are in a vacuum you might as well go back to day dreaming.

What do I mean by vacuum? In Wikipedia it states “Vacuum is space that is empty of matter.” So if you are doing things that no one knows about what good is it? If I told you I made a killer website but you never see it, what do you care? If I claim that I am a hard worker but have nothing to show for it, how can you know if I am telling the truth? We need to go public people! We need people to see and understand what we have done and what we are doing.

Think of it like a fisher man, or rather that you want to fish. Your goal is to obtain fish, and the more the better within reason. You go to your family and friends to learn more about fishing, you learn how to tie fishing knots and what all the equipment is. Then you go and get all that equipment. Then finally you get a boat and get out on the lake. This is exciting, you are so going to catch a ton of fish! Then with the fishing rod in the boat, you just sit there, maybe too worried that you are doing it wrong, worried you won’t catch fish, or that if you do they won’t taste good, or since you will not catch as big a fish as others there is no point in trying. The point is that if you do not have your line in the water, you are 100% guaranteed to not catch ANYTHING!

You are your own fishing line, and the world is the lake. You can catch all the fish you want whatever the metaphor for the fish might be (for me it is usually money). But you got to have your line in the water!

Now please understand that just because the line is in the water does not mean that a conveyer belt will appear and start dumping fish in your boat. It takes time, you will learn what kind of fishing bait works, what doesn’t and about how long it will take. Even with the best bait and fishing equipment time is still an element that you cannot skip. They may notice the bait and ignore it, then make another pass and think about it, and then when it bites, it is still up to you to hook it!

So volunteer! So what if you are not making money or accomplishing your goals? You are not doing those things sulking at home anyway. Why not at least have your line in the water?

There are endless ways that you can volunteer, the public library, your church or even someone else’s church, highway clean up, senior centers, hospitals, or furthering education institutions. Just start asking around and you are sure to find something (put your line in the water for finding ways to volunteer!).