Twitter is absolutely awesome, I really do love it. I had no desire for it when I first tried it out, but after reading some business material and how B2B relationships start over Twitter I was excited to start it back up again. I have gotten in touch with a few web companies in Alberta but nothing that has panned out just yet. My good friend Dianna @dsuzzette has taken to Twitter like a moth to a light, and she is promoting her new book there!

But despite the large number of users there needs to more, much much more. Here are some organizations and people that should be on and why:

1. The Further Ed Schools:

These are the post secondary, non-credit schools that help with oil field tickets, software courses, or learning the guitar. They are community builders and life improvement centers…and they are struggling, barely getting by on grants. If they were on Twitter they could constantly update about what classes they offer, events they are holding, and get feedback on what works and what doesn’t.

2. Staffing Agency:

This is a no brainer! An organization that is suppose to alert weary job seekers of all the opportunities that are out there…Twitter!  What about small gigs that only last a day or a couple of days…Twitter!  Help with resumes, interviews, hygiene Laughing out loud….Twitter!  This is so needed that it kills me, I went to the local Staffing agency and asked if they would do this…only if I took an admin job and rode a chair for the majority of the day…no thanks….but they still need to get on Twitter!

3.  Baby Sitters:

Maybe I am getting a little bit silly here, but how nice would it be to have your pick of babysitters?  That show there commitment by having a fluent twitter feed?  How much insane business would they get?  And think of that mother who has to have constant updates?  Just have a Tweetdeck feed to #mylittlebabychloeandmercedes … (those are my two little ones).  I dunno I just think it would be neat.

4.  Small Oil Field Outfits:

Living in Rural Alberta there are quite a few small oilfield outfits.  They go through people like crazy, some stay a week, others a months, very few stay much longer than a year if they ever stay that long.  This field needs all the new blood it can get, but here is the thing, the oil field industry is fickle.  With booms and bust there may be times where there is no work.  Another thing is that it is a life style to work in this field.  When things are going they are going, and you could work all day everyday.  It is easy to burn out.  So using Twitter people could job hop, keeping their oil tickets current, but also have the freedom to take a break from this work and pick it up again when they need to.  Also oil field companies could always find people when they need them.  So tweet when you need people, and when it is slow, talk about how cool your company is!

5.  Event/Convention Centers:

The only event center that I am really familiar with is the one in Salt Lake City that had Brainshare at it so many times. I got to go when my dad worked for Novell, when he didn’t anymore the jerks would not let me in!  But they have so many crazy cool conventions that they need to keep people up to date, yeah it may be the vendors that are using the center job to market their events, but what would it hurt them to keep their center super busy all the time?

These are just a few ideas that would most benefit me at this time in my life, but still, if these 5 people/organizations were to utilize Twitter, I can only see great things for them!  And there are probably a 100 more great examples…. So please use Twitter so we can make this dream a reality!