Tell me honestly, has there ever been a day that you got in front of your computer and thought, “I am going to get so much done today, I will implement some ideas that will make my life just a little bit better…” only to find that nothing really comes together?  Or the idea that you do have will take a little while to implement and you just need a little bit of success right now to soothe the needs to pay rent, groceries and all your other bills?

Well this is a little bit of a scary picture of me, I believe this was at a branding for cattle somewhere in Alberta.  I wanted a picture of me looking absolutely despaired in my car…but for the life of me I could not find that stupid picture, and I know that I have seen it just recently.

Anyhow, I have been crazy in despair lately, just can’t think straight, and the tight money is of no help.  Nothing to do but buckle down and get to work on something better…