Are you having a rough time wadding through all this social media? Worse yet are you putting a lot of time into it and not getting a following yourself? Let dissect this a little bit, I promise it will help you improve your social media standing! 


Recently I was following a bunch of people on Twitter, I will admit that I was follower fishing.  Then I got a limit warning and I was not able to follow any more until I have as many followers as I was following.  So then I went over to Facebook and friended a whole bunch of people that it suggested and then I got a warning that I was not using that feature the way it was intended.  It was then that I realized that I was having a Social Spasm…

I will be dissecting the reasons why I was doing this, and I imagine that it is the same reason that you and many others are doing the same.

1.  I want to have a large following:

If we will be honest with ourselves we all want a huge following, it is a badge of honour, it says that people care what we think and say.

2.  I want the law of averages to work in my favour:

I may get on Twitter in the middle of the day or the middle of the night.  I would love nothing more than to get on and have someone to have a real, intelligent and profitable conversation with.  I almost wish it were a chat room.  I have around 400 followers now and it is still conversations with the few people that actually chat back when I had about a dozen followers.  And those chats only happen if they are online.  Hence why I am grouping in the dark to get more followers.

3.  Somehow a large following will solve my money problems:

I hear all the time how someone wrote an ebook and then put links to it on their social media, they have 20,000 or more followers and about 2% buy their book… all their money problems dissolve and sexy parties abound. The only problem is, how did they get that many followers in the first place?

The reality is that it is still a social conversation, you have to give as much, or a whole lot more, than you receive.  People don’t want to be endlessly sold too either.  Also social media is not a replacement for actually being social, so we have these spasms whenever we are desperate for interaction.

The Buffer service is a great tool for people like me who have a truck load to say in one sitting, it will take your tweets and Facebook posts and que them up, then post them spaced out so that you are not spamming people.

I am really interested in what you do to get more followers and have success in the social media area, please leave me a comment!