The one thing that I have noticed when trying to strike out on my own is that when I am desperate I have a stench about me.  I reek of desperation.  And when you think about it, how often do you want to do business or purchase something from someone who stinks of desperation?

If someone has confidence and is not too pushy tells you about something they are selling, it is almost too east to listen to them.  You don’t fear that they are simply trying to push something on you for their own sake.

Having a full time job again has helped me get rid of that stench for now.  And I feel much more free to just go a head and do things.  Yes it is not kosher to write a bunch of post for your blog in one day, that may overwhelm your followers.  But now I really don’t care, I will write just for writing and for myself in hope that it will help others or at least get them moving towards something better.  And I can relax and “find my voice”.

Are you reeking of desperation?