With this new job of picking up and dropping up oilfield pumps and repairing them is a really sweet gig.  And I made a promise to the manager or owner of the franchise that I would stay for 2 years.  So I will not be leaving Canada until August 2014! 


~~~ Here I have a picture of how much I want to be making per year, this will be instrumental in achieving my lofty goals! ~~~

Since I am learning it all from scratch it seems rather overwhelming even though there is not a ton to learn I am still so out of my element that I am a little fretful.  But it got me thinking about what I want to accomplish in 2 years time and this job will help me do those things.

First off I am ridding myself of the stench of desperation and getting a steady income.  The job itself comes with a lot of perks right out of the gate and there are a lot more perks that I will get after I have been working for 3 months.

Over the last 2 weeks I have been working this new job AND washing dishes at night, my last night at the second job was last night and today I have been in a weird daze not knowing what to do with myself, where when I was washing dishes I could not stop thinking of all the thing that I could do if I did not have the dish washing obligation.

I got on my Twitter account and no one was chatting with me, I was chatting with some people before and I forget how to get people engaged. Oh well I can refocus and try again!

SO the goals for these next two years is to get out of debt, then have a crazy amount of savings.  THEN I had the notion that I wanted to live in a couple of countries in Europe and learn Italian, French, German, Russian, and just for kicks Japanese.  I will spend two years in each respective country so from 2014 – 2016 in Italy, from 2016-2018 in Germany, from 2018-2020 in France and from 2020-2022 in Japan.  Oh and I gotta throw Russia in there somewhere too. Crazily enough my wife is on board with such a lofty goal.  But to obtain it I will need to make a lot more money than I would with just the one amazing job that I have now.

So in light of that in these next two years I am planning to write at least one great book and getting that book on the best sellers list.  I know nothing about this, yes I am creating a platform of Twitter and Facebook followers, and I do have a project that almost wrote itself for the first draft called “How to Survive as a Complete Failure.” That is a motivational book and a Novel titled “Daddy’s War” that I have only got to 6 pages, so all and all I have a good start.  But I know that I will have to invest in a professional editor, a literary agent and even have to approach real publishers instead of just doing the self publish thing.

The 2 year mission is to make all this happen and have the income to support the dream of learning many languages.  I like calling it a 2 year mission cause when I went on my two year mission for my church I marvelled at the fact that if I focused on one thing for two years there is no way that I would not be amazing at the one thing.

Want to join me on this crazy ride?  What are your big, far out there dreams and what are you planning to do about them?