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So I have falling off the band wagon of blogging.  My life was in the dumps quite a few months back, and whilst transitioning jobs my blogging and my social media and other computer ventures seemed the only thing that I wanted to do and thought I could make at least a little money at.

But now things are better, I got a great paying job, a company truck and even can get a little bit of savings in the bank.  So the long night is over right?  Well sort of, it is more like a it is still dark but instead of complete blackness it is a very dark blue.  I am learning everything at my new job from scratch.  And as soon as I am somewhat comfortable or thinking that I am actually doing good, I get more responsibility and realize that really I have not been doing much as far as my role goes.

To make it even more stagnant feeling it still seems that we cannot pay off that one last stupid credit card, much less the student loans.

So perhaps the darkness is gone, but I am still groping around trying to figure stuff out.  I need to keep blogging but dunno what I want to focus on or write about.


Posting from iPhone


Somehow I have dropped off the face of the blogging planet. I thought I was too busy but really my mental energies are just used up with learning my new job which I am in the third month of.

I must comment on the vast improvements of the iPhone WordPress app. I can actually make a post in it! The other one was okay but cumbersome enough that I couldn’t make myself create a whole blog post.

Life is moving forward and I hope that I can blog forward with it. I have some cool things in the works and they will be more for my readers and followers than for myself…which is what blogging and social media is all about.