Life is a struggle! It really is, I want to do so much and I make so many plans that it drives me insane.  On the Saturday night that I am composing this post I feel like I am close to losing my mind.  I want so badly to do so many things that take small increments of effort on a daily basis that I always drop the ball.  The one thing that finally got me to move forward…if only by a hair…

That’s right.  I just had to get over all the things holding me back and write something.  I found my journal upstairs under a bunch of junk and just wrote about my frustration.  It is nothing poetic or amazing to read but it got my hand moving and my mind just that touch more awake and cognizant.

Oddly enough writing is a great way to get past writers block.  It is a great way to calm your emotions, it is a great way to clear your head and just get moving towards something.

What is something that you need to get over or past or just blow through that writing could help you?