So I have been stewing about my goals that I had for 2012, ones that I accomplished and the many that I have not.  And I have been trying to think of want I really want out of life…I finally discovered how awesome of a blog the site is and all the wonderful little articles that help one be more prodcutive, do more with their goals, and just some neat things that you can do with everyday items.

Lifehacker has been there for quite some time and I guess I just nothing had any interest in it, or when I ran across it…it did not have anything of interest to me.  But I read an article that almost change my life (I say almost because I have not perfectly implemented it yet…), it was about clearing to neutral, something that I had always known and sometimes used and have always had great results with.

I have always had ideas and systems like this, I also am crazy about mind maps, organization, and success strategies.  I have decided that I would really like to work for Lifehacker…so I tried finding job posting and the closest thing I could find was a job in Australia… don’t get me wrong I would love to move there, but that is not feasible at the moment since I am living in Canada and struggling to provide for my wife and two daughters.

So the new plan is to do better and better on my own blog, and get it to the quality that you would expect to see on lifehacker…who knows, maybe they will pick up one of my post and put it on their blog!

Here’s to dreaming, scheming and making some big hairy goals for 2013 that will make us stretch and grow!  Happy holidays!