2012 has been a rough year for the family and I.  I switched jobs in the middle of the year and had to wash dishes for $10/hr while I was transitioning.  I had a lot of lofty goal and wanted nothing more to get out of debt. Then near the end of the year, mostly November and December, everyone…and I mean everyone got sick.  It almost seemed like a plague that took over Alberta Canada.  I stopped even trying to blog, just queued up a bunch of regurgitation to post on Facebook and Twitter and have not read a book or listened to an audio book for the last two months!

I was thinking in the last week of the 2012 about my goals and my dreams and the horrible failure that I am and how I can’t accomplish anything…it was rather depressing.  But now that I am finally feeling a bit better, and I got my wife back from the Alberta plague I am much less depressed, we worked together on getting the house in order and even have time to relax.  She (my wife) plays her new Wii games that she got for Christmas and I am actually taking a look at my long neglected blog.

It is easy to crash and burn in life, it is almost impossible to not fall into a crash and burn situation at least a few times a year.  When I was in the dumps with being sick and my wife was passed out on the couch I thought that there was nothing more that I would want to do than to go up to my bedroom and pass out as well.  But I felt gross and I didn’t believe that sleeping could make it feel better (and I believe that sleeping can make almost anything better!).  So I started doing dishes and cleaning up the house.  I thought of all the failures I have had and that I should just give up on everything, but as the house got in better and better shape I started being more positive.

My thought process was that I will repair what it can in the house, I will do what I can to make my wife and I feel better, I will do what I can for the kids, and then I will work on other projects as I am able.  I caught the flaw in my thinking in where if I could not do it all, then there is no point in doing anything.  Ludicrous! If a stock drops a few cents does that mean it has to plummet?  If a plane crashes does that mean there are no survivors? If I stub my toe should I cut off my leg?

This year is both a bit scary and also very exciting.  The US is not ready for the fiscal cliff deal and I think it never will be, there are hard times up ahead, but there is also a lot of opportunity to work and get out of debt and be prepared.

What do you do after a Crash and Burn situation?