It has been a wonderful holiday season, despite the illnesses that have plaged Alberta I have been able to spend a lot of time with family and friends. My wife and I got a game called “Ticket to Ride” and have played it almost a half dozen times already!

Tonight (this post is scheduled for the next day) I am thinking of how I will miss sleeping in and bumming around the house and still having ample time to clean up and get organized.

But I am also excited to get back to work and going to work on my goals. The biggest thing for me is maintaining the goals I have set and scheming towards their realization. How easy it will be after life returns to normal to forget the goals and the well thought out desires we have for ourselves for this year 2013. Even now I am almost to lazy to make a blog post so I am doing it on my iPhone while my wife plays Harry Potter on the Wii…will I go to bed very shortly or will I watch an episode of Star Trek TNG? It is really a 50/50 chance either will happen. One will make it easier to go to the gym tomorrow and the other will make it harder…

I hope that I can raise to the event of making this year a great one, and I hope that for all of you reading this and for many that are not reading this.

How do you keep yourself on track for your goals and resolutions?