Can you possibly enumerate the number of times that you have had a dream?  An amazing dream?  One that surely meant something or could have become a novel and then a hit movie?  And then moments after waking forget it entirely.  Often for me I recall in the middle of the day that I had such a dream and am tormented because I did not recall the dream..merely that the dream did happen and I have no recording of it in any fashion.

The same happens on ideas.  I will have an amazing idea and then think, “oh I will write that down later.”  And later comes and goes and the ideas is dead forever.  Even worse I have a great idea, I record it, I date it, then I never do anything with it.  I was appalled with myself when I looked at when I had the idea to make a YouTube series and it was over a year ago.  The worse part was that I comforted myself thinking that surely in a year I will get to it, but after the year has past it was still a daunting task and I am just now getting a few episodes together that I am sure are terrible…but I have to learn sometime right?

The fact that dreams and ideas are so fleeting fall in line with the theory that I take away from the Matthew Effect ( If we will not take out ideas and run with them…then we will not get more and even worse, what we already have will be taken away!