Being a so-called computer guy I just have to have a legit copy of Windows 8 so that I could be as well versed in it as anyone else around me, it was a little different with so pros and cons…so here is what I thought!indows 8 Review:


– Took a little hassle to purchase the download
Well actual it was a lot of hassle. I decided to take my Windows 7 machine and get the upgrade via download. Since moving to Canada I have not gotten any Canadian credit cards…and Microsoft had to have a credit card…tried the American one that we have and it threw a fit cause we were in Canada. So we found out they would take Pay Pal. I tried that…but since I am in Canada it had to be a Canadian originated Pay Pal account….Long story short I had to pay from my American credit card to my American Pay Pal and then pay my Canadian Pay Pal from my American Pay Pal and THEN I could finally purchase the Windows 8 upgrade!

– Must have a new user account that is not admin
If you are upgrading from Windows 7 you will have to end up creating an account that is an additional user once Windows 8 is done installing. Whatever your log in was for Windows 7 will then become the admin…and the Metro apps will not work in that account…I found having to switch back and forth account on my laptop extremely annoying.

Note: Make sure to update your apps so you can stream music!

– Music:

The streaming and the Smart DJ are awesome! Just plug in a name of a band you like and the Metro music app is off to the races playing bands just like it. There are commercials every six or so songs, but hey it is free right?

– To get to the folders that you use to when you were admin you have to…go to the folder in another app like VLC and then use the admin password to be allowed to get access to those folders

– If music will not play in the background then close the app and restart it…

– Calendar syncs with Google account…awesome!
– Although I cannot see my wife’s calendar which I can on my iPhone…

– Windows 8 store not searchable…wait it is if you hit Windows key + Q

– Also to quickly get to the desktop Windows key + D

– Other than that it is really just getting use to not having a start menu button
– Use Windows key + C to get to the settings and what not of Metro apps!
– Windows key + X for oldschool menu

– Had to uninstall Office and reinstall it to let it know I had a legit copy that it would not expire in 30 days…

My android development environment only works in Admin, Starcraft II seems to work on both accounts :-).

Other than that the biggest thing is that it is obviously meant for mobile devices and I would love to have Windows 8 on a phone with the full MS Office suite. Let me know what you think about Windows 8!