My iPhone jailbreaks were a little on the fritz and I just ignored it. But then I updated my legit apps through the app store and then updated my Cydia apps.

I had to delete all my podcasts to get enough room and after all the updates I decided that I needed to simplify.

A cluttered iPhone is like a messy kitchen!

A cluttered iPhone is like a messy kitchen!

First I will clean out the legit apps.

– Bad Piggies (126 MB)
I love this game, but lately I cannot spend the time it takes to figure out the puzzles. No matter, I purchased the app so I can download it later if I so desire.

– Angry Birds Star Wars (109 MB)
Same as above.

– Angry Birds Space (51 MB)
Same as above.

iBooks (67.1 MB)
I got the Kindle app, but I did re-download this when there was an epub book that I wanted to read.

– Skype (49 MB)
Sorry but the video chat is not worth it. I will go to a computer or a tablet to use Skype.

– Reminder Free (48 MB)
Neat app, but I never use it…

– Twonky (37 MB)
Awesome app, but I never leave my machine on to use as a server, maybe if I pay for the service and could stream all the audio from my computer while I was on the road…but until then I will never use this app.

– eBay (27 MB)
Never use it.

– Cue (24 MB)
Just another reminder app, a great one, but I never use it.

– FTPOnTheGo (23 MB)
The serious use of an FTP client is just not feasible from an iPhone. A high capcity Android device maybe, but definitely not from an iPhone.

– RH (16 MB)
A side scroller game that I never played after the first time of trying it.

– Starcraft 2 Guide (14 MB)
Never read it…

– Then I deleted a bunch of todo and habit forming apps that I never touched.

After all that I had 1.1 gigs freed up on my 8 gig iPhone, so then I decided to look through the jailbroke apps, the only thing that I deleted was XBMC since I never used it and there is no way I could fit a ton of movies on my phone. After that I had 1.3 gigs available.

So the last and the best thing to free up some space was unloading all the pictures from my phone to my laptop. My space double to 2.6 gigs!


Since my old Android phone (16 gig) and an old iPod (8 gigs) have all my audio books, there is no reason to clutter up my phone with all of that. Also there is no reason to have a ton of apps that I never use just giving me more nonsense to wade through when I go to use my phone.